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The City 2.0 according to YOU... 2 Things a City that YOU design, Must Have...

1. 2. The City that Becomes You... [ Brevity and Bravado Appreciated ]


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    Mar 6 2012: Another consideration perhaps for City X.0, a cheaper way for society to begin tackling the social and local economical issues posed by moving masses of people into space or to other worlds would be to build societies on the ocean. Much of what we learn in building such cities would easily transfer to the further demands of space and planetary colonization.
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      Mar 6 2012: interesting parallel a friend and fellow TEDster is working to get the Plastic Garbage Swirl in the north Pacific Ocean, recognized as a country... I drop off there, not clearly understanding how this might promote cleanup... other than to speculate it becomes eligible as a country for certain funds? in any case, a slight digression, but fair to keep front and center is the infra-structure and less-than-sexy- issues that must be addressed for a City 2.0 that hopes to raise the bar... even with the Tide...

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