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The City 2.0 according to YOU... 2 Things a City that YOU design, Must Have...

1. 2. The City that Becomes You... [ Brevity and Bravado Appreciated ]


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    Mar 6 2012: I have always been a proponent of all personal residences being underground, having a network of underground walk ways linking them. Would it be wise to have a city 'radio station' playing in here that only does local news and music? If so it should be fairly soft so a normal volume conversation can be had without competition.

    Above ground should be the commercial, industrial, and mass transit systems, all integrating public spaces for privet contemplation, shared education and activity, and Do-It-Ourselves (is that DIO?) projects. Loved the idea of automated public vehicles, each being a unique piece of art or system for displaying art would be wonderful.

    Detractors of underground residence site studies about depression, but I think this could be used to encourage people to leave their homes and join the community physically.

    City of Reality web-comic pointed out the idea 'interactive theaters,' some theater houses not only allowing, but encouraging people to talk during the movie and interact with the other viewers like people do at sports bars (you would also have theaters that are meant to be silent for those who just came for a quiet evening). "Movie Bars," perhaps? If this concept caught on it could push Hollywood into a new revolution of how they craft movies, not yet sure if that would be a good or a bad shift.

    Similarly, public gaming areas with collaborative competition; help bring geeks back into the open.

    Anyway, that's my ideas and comments on what's been said.
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      Mar 6 2012: I think we are about to ignite the world with more socialize viewing... yes like a sports bar for interactive arenas of part passive, part competitive audiences.... fire up the second channel, mobile and of course, fantasy football moves into other venues and the arts... already happening, just beginning to be tapped... i once produced the largest arena video games competitions in the western world... it was al sampling of what really can be done, then I took it to TV and we blew it out.... and yes... we are collectively coining DIO in this thread, mark the start. great ideas for pubic boutique spaces... thanks for the 2.0 thoughts Richard Blackburn... it's all good, Terry Torok

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