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The City 2.0 according to YOU... 2 Things a City that YOU design, Must Have...

1. 2. The City that Becomes You... [ Brevity and Bravado Appreciated ]


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    Mar 6 2012: Interesting conversation!
    In my opinion, let it be beautiful! OK, I know we don't always agree what beauty is, but most people seem to like flowers and trees so that would be a good start.
    Also, let it be social. I like the coffee house idea. There should be lots of public space for enjoying nature, for meeting each other, for resting, for art, for performance, for play.
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      Mar 6 2012: big cracks for nature to shine through.... flowers and tree houses, tea gardens, adventure trails, rock climbing, ideation stations and daycations for day dreamers, a place of performance and play, a city for the love of art and the art of love... i'm in, let's begin...

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