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    Mar 2 2012: TED is like the play ground for the intellectual people. it is a luna park of science, technology , thoughts and creativity. I feel my mind is like a wild animal constantly kept in cage in the society ... TED is the a place I can free this animal to run freely and be satisfied. You must keep in mind though , it is highly addictive.

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    Mar 3 2012: Simple.........TED makes thinking FEEL great.
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    Mar 28 2012: Is there anyone who sees or senses fallacies with some of the nuances of TED? It seems every comment i've read is positive, which is fine, but anyone run into any censorship issues? Anyone notice a tolerance for wordieness, when not applicable but not for non-confrontational humor? How much are ticket prices to attend a TED conference? Overall, it's a wonderful starting point for true global discussion and communication but I see a un-sensored, truely free(in real time) dollar-wise, platform that will allow all people to take intrest in issues and share their ideas. I think a lot of arm-chair activist are a little gun-shy about jumping into the mix with a TED idea because, of the heaviness of the academia jargon.
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    Mar 21 2012: Creativity, Idea and Innovation for all. TED is the only best platform which provides the safe shadow of creativity....idea...innovation and a lot ELSE!
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    Mar 3 2012: There is a famous Greek saying and suits TED well.

    'Only the educated are free'....
  • Mar 2 2012: I just love the fact that it's another place that I can go to learn, bounce ideas off of people, etc. Also some of the TED and TEDx talks ended up helping me find my niche for study in terms of media, storytelling and games.