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Improving TED Conversations system. (Suggestions)

I have been using TED conversations for some time now and I think this wonderful environment can benefit from some changes and also addition of some features.

1- Notification Panel
A new page or an Ajax plugin that can show all the recent contributions that are related to each individual user. for example I want to be able to easily see the comments on my questions, replies and likes all in real time and in a news like format. the already used comment tab is not well informing.

2-Limiting the number of Conversations one can run simultaneously.
I see some people create a dozen (I counted and it was 12) conversations at once. I believe this can harm the quality of those conversations as one may not be able to read and reply comments on all those conversations. I question the reasons of running 12 conversations all together. a normal number to my opinion should be around 3 for a month period. and users should be able to create new conversations as soon as one of their already running conversations expire.

3- built in video player for external video links that users post in their comments.
I think it will be useful since the user stays in the conversation page and remains concentrated on the topic while leaving the page may be totally distracting.

4- A simple white board like screen
sometimes I feel the need to show the relation of some concepts or a hierarchy of elements and such a tool can help one to present an idea.

5-Conversation TEXT OR conversation VOICE OR conversation VIDEO
Although it may not be easily to implement, it may be a good idea to make the conversations multimedia, I would love to join a conversation all posted in Audio format or even Video.

6- Virtual Conference room.
I know that people are online and just have commented on my answer but I do not have the means to start a conversation with them in real time. many people can see the online conversations and may prefer to join it.


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    Mar 31 2012: Robots can do any necessary work no One WANTS to do (or not enough People), what People who contribute positively receive is social currency: appreciation, respect, lauds, gratitude, status, recognition and Self satisfaction. If there is doubt that these "coins" will not motivate People to contribute as Their bliss directs Them, One has only to look at Linux. The whole was developed freely, with the bliss of programming, making better, providing solutions - but no money.

    Remove the "work ethic" (a slave's "ethic" - enrich Others with One's Human energy) and promote a Betterment Ethic.

    Marx's ideas were scarcity paradigm ideas. The Abundance Paradigm is wholly different. Marx presumed one (relatively) meager pie, hacked up evenly. Communism is a scarcity paradigm solution. The Abundance Paradigm is more like a giant warehouse full of pies, from which Each may take as much or as little as One chooses.

    In the Abundance Paradigm, one is "rich" when One is regarded highly, and as such, there are no "poor" People, per se, except Those found to have broken one or more of the three Laws:

    Do not willfully hurt or kill another Being
    Do not willfully take or damage the property of another Being
    Do not willfully defraud another Being

    A Being (cap the "B") is of a sentient, sapient species.

    In the case of breaking one or more of these Laws, status is lost, confinement in solitary luxury may occur, but always One becomes pariah. Pariahhood is an EARNED status based on chosen behavior, not a "birthright" or a monetarily defined status.

    Running out of characters... [sigh] Would be more than happy to define more, such as stigmergic governance via the web (see http://journal.media-culture.org.au/0605/03-elliott.php for a definition of stigmergy), open source, focus on organics, and more. I would add that I offer more in depth presentations on My blog, linked in My profile.
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      Apr 5 2012: Dear Amaterasu,

      I do relate to your mission of raising awareness toward the concepts previously mentioned.

      as a linux user, I can understand non monetary motivations and you are right in my opinion.

      Replacing the nonsense work ethic with betterment ethic. This is a concept worthy of discussion by itself. there are too many chains limiting people from even thinking about this. It is ironic that people resist what is actually for their benefit and that has always been like that for the majority.

      I was not aware that a financial theory is present based on abundance, as My school of thought is scarcity-oriented itself and I feel the need to truly understand the idea of abundance and possibly replace it. although I have little knowledge of its implications now. I am going to investigate. and I can tell already that in scarcity paradigm it is not possible to grow unless breaking one of those rules you mentioned but in abundance it is the default expectation without breaking those rules. is this what's meant ?

      I have checked your weblog and I am interested to know more.

      Thank you very much for being there enlightening our world.
      Cordially yours,

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