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Improving TED Conversations system. (Suggestions)

I have been using TED conversations for some time now and I think this wonderful environment can benefit from some changes and also addition of some features.

1- Notification Panel
A new page or an Ajax plugin that can show all the recent contributions that are related to each individual user. for example I want to be able to easily see the comments on my questions, replies and likes all in real time and in a news like format. the already used comment tab is not well informing.

2-Limiting the number of Conversations one can run simultaneously.
I see some people create a dozen (I counted and it was 12) conversations at once. I believe this can harm the quality of those conversations as one may not be able to read and reply comments on all those conversations. I question the reasons of running 12 conversations all together. a normal number to my opinion should be around 3 for a month period. and users should be able to create new conversations as soon as one of their already running conversations expire.

3- built in video player for external video links that users post in their comments.
I think it will be useful since the user stays in the conversation page and remains concentrated on the topic while leaving the page may be totally distracting.

4- A simple white board like screen
sometimes I feel the need to show the relation of some concepts or a hierarchy of elements and such a tool can help one to present an idea.

5-Conversation TEXT OR conversation VOICE OR conversation VIDEO
Although it may not be easily to implement, it may be a good idea to make the conversations multimedia, I would love to join a conversation all posted in Audio format or even Video.

6- Virtual Conference room.
I know that people are online and just have commented on my answer but I do not have the means to start a conversation with them in real time. many people can see the online conversations and may prefer to join it.


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    Mar 30 2012: My biggest frustration is the character limit. I note that few use that limit, but when I am explaining something in detail, to run up on that limit and have to link outside to complete the information is not as effective as being able to complete My explanation cohesively.

    I like most of Your ideas greatly. Not sure about #2... What if I had 25 different ideas, or had one central one that, because of the character limit, I needed to parcel out the component pieces into other segments?

    Anyway, yeah. It would be nice to have a "chat room," or something along those lines.
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      Mar 31 2012: Thank you for your contribution. I can not agree more, character limit is very frustrating and too many times it made me break my comment in pieces or disregard a part of it.

      regarding the no2, as IT has already mentioned before opening new conversations is a way to increase TEDCRED and people sometimes open many conversations just to gain credit. I see people who re-state a question that was the main theme of a video to open a new conversation where it was already discussed perfectly under the video itself or some people ask many questions that could well be merged into one. I witnessed somebody opening 14 conversations all at the same time. do you think he can read, manage , reply to comments in all 14 of them ? TED is about quality isn't it ?
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        Mar 31 2012: Ah. I am new here and was not aware that conversations added to this "TEDCRED." I can see how that could be a problem from that standpoint. My main thrust here has been to spread awareness that money is not needed in a society with abundant energy (and robots) and that We have had technology at least since the 1950's that can provide access to the "dark" energy - also called zero point, radiant (Tesla), vacuum, plenum, and other name energy - which is vastly abundant. So all conversations I have begun have been on bringing that awareness, as well as discussing how a society without money might function. (Money is merely the representation of meaningful energy expended in an energy-scarce society.)

        Maybe TEDCRED should be based not on merely starting a conversation but on how many Others give it a "thumbs up" or other means of approval. This would not eliminate the issues - One could have Others come in and bump One's conversations - but it would severely reduce issues, and give much more credit where it is due.

        Just a thought.
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          Mar 31 2012: Dear Amaterasu

          I was reading this in previous conversations and people by experience had thought that opening new conversations is more effective in adding to your credits although commenting and joining discussions also counts.

          I am interested in your idea of money less society. how do you solve the value problem ? tasks are of different values. and where do you stand regarding the Marx theory of finance that one does not get rich unless many others get poor ?

          thank you for raising awareness on the energy issue.

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