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Improving TED Conversations system. (Suggestions)

I have been using TED conversations for some time now and I think this wonderful environment can benefit from some changes and also addition of some features.

1- Notification Panel
A new page or an Ajax plugin that can show all the recent contributions that are related to each individual user. for example I want to be able to easily see the comments on my questions, replies and likes all in real time and in a news like format. the already used comment tab is not well informing.

2-Limiting the number of Conversations one can run simultaneously.
I see some people create a dozen (I counted and it was 12) conversations at once. I believe this can harm the quality of those conversations as one may not be able to read and reply comments on all those conversations. I question the reasons of running 12 conversations all together. a normal number to my opinion should be around 3 for a month period. and users should be able to create new conversations as soon as one of their already running conversations expire.

3- built in video player for external video links that users post in their comments.
I think it will be useful since the user stays in the conversation page and remains concentrated on the topic while leaving the page may be totally distracting.

4- A simple white board like screen
sometimes I feel the need to show the relation of some concepts or a hierarchy of elements and such a tool can help one to present an idea.

5-Conversation TEXT OR conversation VOICE OR conversation VIDEO
Although it may not be easily to implement, it may be a good idea to make the conversations multimedia, I would love to join a conversation all posted in Audio format or even Video.

6- Virtual Conference room.
I know that people are online and just have commented on my answer but I do not have the means to start a conversation with them in real time. many people can see the online conversations and may prefer to join it.


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    Mar 30 2012: Enable "at least" text emotes, we don't have to take the feeling out of intelligent conferences. Makes me feel like I'm in a big room of people who think they know everything. I mean I already feel like that when I go to lectures. COLON AND A CAPITAL D LINKED TOGETHER.
    Thank you for your time.

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