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Would you vote yes to open borders?

What would a world with unrestricted movement be like?


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  • Mar 5 2012: It is the people, not the borders that create cultural identities. An open borders policy would not erode the cultural, ethical or historical differences amongst nations. Open borders has been practiced across parts of Europe for years now without descending into a single homoginised culture.

    An open border policy would also allow people who live in daily fear of persecution from a tyrannical government to escape to a better life.

    I would definitely vote yes
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      Mar 6 2012: You are citing Europe as an example of successful nations without borders? That seems inappropriate to me since the E.U. is teetering on the brink of social, political, and economic implosion. Thanks Mr. Bartlett.
      • Mar 6 2012: You're welcome Mr Long. PIIGS nations aside I think 'teetering on the brink of social, political and economic implosion' is a bit of a hyperbole. However, if you look closer you'll see that I never mentioned social, political or economic issues, I was simply stating that the different cultures found across Europe have not amalgamated into one as a result of the open borders policy. It has also allowed citizens from a lot of the former Soviet territories to move west towards Germany, France and the UK in search of a better life.
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          Mar 6 2012: I know you did not mention social, political, or economic issues, I mentioned them in response to your glowing recommendation of the E.U. as a model of success. Opening borders improves nothing

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