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Good books of mathematics,physics,astrophysics and astronomy?

I'm thirteen and I would like to buy some books of these subjects ( The book have to be in portuguese or english ),I studied a lot of astronomy and astrophysics in the in the internet and with documentarys ( Of discovery channel and history Channel),so i have some bases but have never studied advanced math and the math of the high-school. What books could I buy?

Thank you^^

(And sorry my bad english)

  • Mar 2 2012: I suggest that you check where you can watch and practice for FREE thousands of lectures on math, physics and other areas. It includes a map of topics based on level of difficulty.

    Good luck!
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    Mar 8 2012: My younger brother has a lot of the same interests that you do, and he really liked "The Physics of Superheroes". I would also highly recommend anything by Richard Feynman. It's so great to see kids like you interested in these things! I hope you enjoy reading these! =]
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    Mar 2 2012:

    I just love Feynamn lectures on physics.
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    Mar 2 2012: This one opened my eyes that there is another cosmology out there not just the big bang.
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    Mar 1 2012: I know smart kids your age who have enjoyed A Brief History of Time, by Stephen Hawkings. In math it depends on what sort of math interests you. There are some wonderful books by Martin Gardner about all sorts of interesting ideas in mathematics. Somewhat easier than those books and also introducing a variety of interesting aspects of math are books by Theoni Pappas. My very favorite in math for someone your age has been released under several names but my copy is called 1000 Playthinks.
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      Mar 2 2012: Thank you ^^ ( I love Stephen Hawking's books )
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    Mar 1 2012: Hi Gabriel, I like Physics of the Future written by Michio Kaku. I'm fascinated with the thought of being able to take an elevator into space and nanobots that will scan our DNA and cells for signs of danger. Happy Reading!