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What is the purpose of life? 'Getting and Spending' or 'Loving and Serving'?

Everyone has a purpose in life, how do you go about finding yours?


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    Mar 1 2012: Between the two I go with Loving and Serving.

    Getting and spending is a more direct option while loving and serving is a bit more vague. However if getting and spending is all someone wants to do then life may wind up a bit shallow. As for the other option, loving can mean many things but no matter what we love it is a more exciting and sometimes hazardous way to go. Then again that is where the fun is, isn't it. As for serving...if you mean serving G-d...well, I am not a religious man but that is still a better option than stocking up on things we do not need and worrying about how much we have as opposed to making the correct choices with what we have.
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      Mar 3 2012: You are right, as my perception of Loving and Serving is directed more towards friends, family and the community. The term loving and serving could come across vague but on the other hand there are many ways you could be spending, like charities etc.

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