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"":: A great idea is one that Spread ::""

What is you stand point: Does every great idea spread? Or some great ideas don't spread because of some reasons. If yes! the what are those reasons. How can we spread great ideas to MASS actually?

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    Mar 2 2012: Sorry for the long response

    I can only explain it this way.

    "The planet" represents ideas you want to share with the world but they must adhere to a time rule which means "The Present" that means it must fit with the current technology,available resources that is safe and sustainable,non-impact?,Culture or cultures,trends(depending on what age group)anything that is in the here and now but you can extend that time rule to 5 years because it can be safe to assume that the world won't change drastically but after that it's like trying to watch an old analog tv with no aerial,the picture fuzzes in and out.

    "Future hopes and dreams" this is where you store your hopes for man,yourself,the planet,space,everything that is impossible can be made here possible.


    I think it's vital to our survival that we dedicate 1% of the worlds resources to AG, anti gravity powered by a safe energy source.Once we are off the ground we can respond to major disasters to evacuate civilians,offer humanitarian aide anywhere in the world within an hour or two.

    so before you can shift this idea to "the planet" you've got to look at what there is currently that can atleast make a start towards making it a real possible.If your socially minded then your ideas will reflect that part of you most.

    You don't have to follow this as you can have it the way that best suits you.
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      Mar 2 2012: First of all, I do have time for reading every single letter that you(or some other) write on TED..:)
      Second of all, the logic that you have given for the response of my asking, simple amazing.
      Third of all, I definitely do things on my own way,, that best suits with me. But regarding controlling I was confused.

      Last but not least, thanks a lot for your time and passion. Your points are really amazing. Chill!
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        Mar 2 2012: The question stumped me as no one has asked me that before,so i had to translate the mishmash of mind words/audio,images into an explanation without lecturing or try not took me quite awhile to type that up as i had to make sure it was right or as close to what is actually going on in my head.i'm not a fast typist but if it helps i'm glad to be of service and i hope it helps with what ever your studying/working on.
  • Mar 4 2012: I love this quote, but I read it backwards from the way you read it. An idea becomes "great" when it is spread. If an idea isn't spread, than it did a bad job as an idea! there are two genotypes of ideas:

    How good an idea it is (how beneficial it is to the parties involved)

    How much it is spread (how many people hear it and are influenced by it)

    they do not correlate with eachother much; much of it is based on how well marketed the idea is
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      Mar 4 2012: WOW! Talks of a perfect Marketer (Analyst). I totally agree with you. But as you know there are some other factors sometimes work behind the scene to make a great idea BAD. And yes! Then marketing becomes the ultimate destination to make it heard. Thanks a lot..:) You have a creative mind. I liked the way you think..:))
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    Mar 2 2012: I separate ideas into three catergories

    1. Simplest

    It must cost as little as possible in resources and energy.

    2. The Planet

    Throw it out there,if it takes then it belongs to everyone

    3. Future hopes and dreams

    This is where most of my ideas reside.
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      Mar 2 2012: Ken! You are amazing. Nice categories. It will surely help me for programming ideas. Thanks from the core of my heart.
      By the way, can please give me some more ideas regarding controlling your ideas in category 2 and 3?
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    Mar 1 2012: No, most of them are curbed due to insufficient resources.
    Each mind thinks of ideas that are well in one or the other respect but as you have already said that do not get communicated to the mass. This is mainly due to our society that is more likely to hear a nonsense talk by some great popular personality than on hearing that idea by an unknown person.
    They from my thought can be spread first by making yourself count in those personalities by using plateforms like TED and all.
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      Mar 2 2012: In my life, I have found 'Resources' as great constraint for me. Society is also a BIG factor. ..:(
      This is so true dear - "They from my thought can be spread first by making yourself count in those personalities by using platforms like TED and all."

      Challenges are there. But we have to have courage to over come these and keep continuing giving buzz (spreading ideas with implication).

      What do you think?
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    Mar 1 2012: Clay Shirky writes about this subject in Here Comes Everybody. An idea spreads most effectively when it catches the attention of people whose networks also include others with substantial networks that have members in other networks. The idea needs to be of sufficient interest for these key players (those who sit at the interection of networks) to want to spread them.
    Ideas catch people's attention for different reasons. Sometimes an idea may be inspiring or have striking potential in practice. Other times an idea may spread because people have a recreational interest in the news, such as a piece of news about a celebrity.
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      Mar 2 2012: Dear Fritzie Reisner , Very nice saying. I love the point 'Network', You have also stated some great points about why and how ideas spread.

      Seth Godin told about the network. And he has given a name called 'Tribe'.

      Finally. thanks for your time and passion.