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A worldwide irrigation system.

Drought hist everywhere and ironically those places that are relatively close to water sources. My idea, hopefully elaborated on, would give these places that are not technologically advanced, the opportunity to combat drought in a much more efficient and productive way. We can install pipelines of oil across continents but cannot create worldwide water systems? Perhaps an underground system that would allow water from oceans to funnel into the land, which would hydrate otherwise arid land and encourage growth in every sense of the word.


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Ok what is the right amount of minerals? U have input on why it wouldn't work but do u have anything to make it a working idea?

Places where drought hit seem to fall further and further into a hole until nature just finishes its course. In today's world we can control almost everything why can't we control this? Drought shouldn't be something whole countries are stricken with.

Maybe Denzil is right. We just need to put farming strategies for the region, but what will grow without water? We have to find a way to make water, considered the essence of life, to everyone. Why is this such a hard problem to tackle. We can land on moons, we can probe into space, we can predict hurricanes and tornadoes but people die of thirst and hunger.

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  • Mar 5 2012: In Botswana we can greatly improve the plant diversity and add more species, and crate jobs in the process we can look into many of the Aloe and agave varieties, ... in Lesotho we can replenish the destroyed 65% of forests, ... we can also look at intensive farming systems where they currently harvest 22,000 pounds including protein from approximately 1 acre in tunnels, ...

    many of the severe drought areas just need proper farming system plans to mitigate the problems, ... successes has been achieved in China and some spots areas in Ethiopia i think, ... In South Africa farmers rely on a combination of subsidies, insurance and believe it or not prayer, ... they really have to use very marginalized land to feed the nation, and its neighbors, and they face very severe constraints, ... where available irrigation is extremely expensive, ...

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