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Eduardo Paes: Four commandments of future city: 1. Be green 2. Fix mobility 3. Honor favelas 4. Embrace tech

Eduardo Paes at TED2012 gives his 4 commandments to make a great city of the future. Do you agree/disagree? Are there ones you would add or take away?

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    Mar 1 2012: Invest in Education I may add.
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    Mar 1 2012: Based on my tweets @ecrescia
    When you think of a city in the future, you have to think GREEN, GREEN, GREEN ---> OF COURSE!
    Favelas are not always a problem, just change vicious circle to virtuous circle ---> I AGREE!
    "A city of the future has to be socially integrated." --->> I AGREE!
    A city of the future: no files, no paperwork, public servants work 24/7 --> sounds great.
    A city of the future cares about its citizens and cannot leave anyone out. --> TOTALLY!!
  • Mar 2 2012: Transparency I think is as important as any of the other commandments. The ability to see how the decisions of government will affect our lives is critical for getting the motivations as a crowd as well as tapping the resources and correcting errors.
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    Mar 12 2012: Agreed! Conectivity!!
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    Mar 4 2012: Thanks Sokunthea ! Yep, I would add... 5. Entertain the Arts & Entrepreneurship.
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    Mar 3 2012: Be green shouldn't be an commandment , the red will look more nicely I think .
  • Mar 2 2012: A couple of ideas for future cities...

    City centers with only public transport, augmented by self driving car fleets.

    Mixed purpose buildings - residential, education, commercial, retail... a deliberate attempt to de-segregate social demographics, to allow the young and old to benefit from each other in a virtuous social cycle, utilizing advanced networking technology to help decentralize the importance of fixed 'productivity' (work or education institution) locations.

    Parks and greenery interwoven into the fabric of the city - areas of light, green, fruit/vegetable production.
  • Mar 2 2012: ADD: Natural energy,and social harmony.