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Why do we need religion? (in the traditional sense)

Anyone can interpret the Bible, the Torah, the Quran... After all, they are all just books - men wrote these books, they did not fall from the sky or were delivered to the human kind. And that's a fact.
Yet, somehow we let ourselves judge one another by quoting them. The whole concept of religion is not to question, not to doubt - but to blindly believe texts written by other men. It is obvious to everyone I guess, that the whole purpose of it is control.

Why do we need it? So our existence would make sense?
Also, do you believe that in the future the human race would become more or less religious?
And another - are intellect and religion 'at odds' - the more you know the less religious you become?


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  • Mar 6 2012: I believe we dont need religion,but people do need spirituallality.just the thought of the punishments of heresy in the past showed me this at an early age.churches do the same rites and quotes over and over and over and over.isnt that brainwashing?ipeople need not to pray for something to happen make something happen by acting on true goodness.PEACE.

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