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Enjoy every minute of life

I found this video to be informing and interesting. Learning about the myths got me thinking that it is true, many people advice others in how to extend their life. But I believe that people should stop wasting time and enjoy every minute they have because it can be to late when you realize. All we can do is maintain a healthy life style that will give us chance to enjoy life.

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    Mar 7 2011: I suggest "Appreciate every minute of life". Not everything about life is enjoyable, but the low points help us enjoy the high points. While I may not enjoy those low points, I can appreciate their value.
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    Mar 21 2011: I am!
    I enjoy it even when I am not enjoying it. Recently I found out that I have some disease, but I am not fully diagnosed yet.
    It is probably not life threatening, at least not for many years.
    But before I knew that much, some of my symptoms made me believe I might die soon.
    And that is when I realized I was happy with my life up to now. That if I would die soon, I would feel that I´ve lived a meaningful life. And I am really grateful for that.
    I do feel more free to express myself recently. And that makes me enjoy life even more.
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    Mar 18 2011: I will starting right now :)
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    Mar 11 2011: Interesting idea Stacy and good point Drew. Appreciate seems to capture the bittersweet sense of life, the ups and downs. I'm familiar with expressions like "seize the day" or "carpe diem" but I've always being curious about the related Japanese expression "ichi-go ichi-e" (one chance in a lifetime). I think I need to learn more about this because I can't actually grasp the full meaning of it yet. Anyway, I think every instant -good or bad as it could be- is precious and just for that very reason it deserves an exercise of appreciation on our side.