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What does Critical Thinking mean to young people?

Will integrating critical thinking into teaching/learning curriculms from kindergarden onwards, give young people the skills that they need to make more informed descisions during their lives?

Learing to think for them selves is bound to make them more reponsible citizens. Critical thinking will make young people feel they are more inclusive in the community and that they can make a difference.

It could impede on their levels of creative output.They are better off learning to live with the consequences of their actions

Young people are just incapable of thinking for themselves and will always need adult guidence. They are better off just accepting how society expects them to behave as citizens, and behave accordingly.

Crtical thinking is just another governing objective which will add more confusion to an already over burdened education system.


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  • Mar 7 2012: Life is fairly complex because of how it's structured and so I think critical thinking is an essential life skill lest the people lose themselves in the complexity of their surroundings. Having this ability at a young age would open avenues towards effective teamwork and independent thought. The interaction between critical thinkers is what pushes us forward and creates minds who ask the right questions and move towards better changes.

    Although, I do have to agree that there is an aspect to this that might be bad instead of good. It really all depends on the individual and how his/her thought process flows.

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