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What is death for you?

What is death for you? The big unknown? Something to fear? Something you Should get ready for? Something you dont want to think about? How does your perspective about death impacts your Life?


Closing Statement from Manue M

Thanks to all of those who have participated to that conversation.
Death is the big unknowned. It is often feared and sometimes not. Believing in higher beings or having an NDE are ways not to fear death. Another way is probably to live a good life and live the present moment fully like Colleen mentioned.
Self conservation is a positive instinct, that helps our species survive. However, being too afraid of dying can stop some people from living a full life.
I remember my first time in Lebanon fifteen years ago. The population had been so much confronted to death that they were just so full of life. But the older ones had lived under such stress that many of them passed away too early.
I think it is a question of balance. We cannot just spend our entire life thinking about death, but it is good to sometimes stop and think about the finitude of life. It can help us live a better life.

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  • Mar 1 2012: My mom used to tell me all sorts of stories about Hindu Gods and stories related to fairies, evil creatures etc while cooking for dinner. I remember getting the dreams of all the creatures described by my mom. And one day after lots of thinking and processing the different thoughts which I gathered with all that story telling and from being around the adults, I asked mom about death and my existence. What I was? before I born. Did I had the ability to think before that too? Will anybody remember who I was, after my death or that will vanish in the sands of time? It all happen when I was 8.

    When I saw my grandmother die, me and my little sister didn't know how to react. I remember being scared of the dark and loneliness as it used to bring thoughts of me dying someday and the unforeseen future that I am having. In that moment I used to get so scared that I will look for anything which makes me believe that I am still on earth and everything is real.
    I am 26 now, but when that thought comes to my mind I still look for connections which I have with this world.
    • Mar 1 2012: I am really interested in the theme you are bringing up: death and tales. Thanks for that!

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