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New ovum for late life pregnancies

I heard on NPR the other day that researchers in Boston have found cells inside mice that can be used to generate new eggs, and they believe that the same cells exist inside human ovaries. They propose that these cells can be stimulated to grow new eggs, for women who are otherwise sterile, either through menopause, from chemotherapy, or other health issues. I would like to know the community's thoughts on two separate aspects: 1) the biology behind this research ( explain to me how these cells can become new eggs), and 2) what would be the sociological implications for a society in which women can wait until their forties and even fifties to begin bearing children?

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    Mar 4 2012:

    Not up on the science.

    Making babies, especially when no medical help is needed is something most governments butt out of these days.
    Treated as a right. Of course with this, should come responsibilities.

    As Mary mentioned men are impregnating women at some fairly ripe ages.
    Also my understanding in many countries the average age of women giving birth is increasing.
    2 points. Should ensure the child can be looked after until adult. Also increased risks of problems associated with older women (maybe older male sperm too?) should be considered. I'll make no conclusion in general.

    Let me break it down into 2 parts.
    1) Restoring fertility to those in child bearing age
    2) Extending fertility into 50's 60's etc

    1) great if the risk of birth defects or health issues are reasonable
    2) as per 1, but also general issues with older parents and the risk of dying or becoming infirm before the child is self sufficient.

    Finally. These are the opinions of a male. I'd defer to reasonable views of women who are the ones impacted most - balancing the rights of the child.
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    Mar 3 2012: I am not too familiar with this new research....must have missed that NPR program.....

    However, I will say this: I had my children late in life. The last one in my forties.....and I am glad I waited. I had no complications, and had them naturally.....even taking care of their feeding naturally.

    Our bodies are wonderful, and if you have maintained good health and healthy eating habits I don't see anything wrong with having children while in mid-life.

    And, be careful Verble.....because alot of older men have kids when they are in their 40's and 50's.....because their wife is in their 20's or 30's................I just cannot see you having a double standard. Am I right?

    Older moms have alot to offer their children.......I'll let someone else volunteer additional information.

    Hopefully I will learn something useful about the implications for a society in which women can wait until their forties to have answer this requires alot of insight and foresight.

    Be Well.
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      Mar 4 2012: Oh definitely no double standard here! My only desire for this conversation is sheer curiosity and two things: how tissue can actually grow into human eggs (which had been thought impossible) and one other wuestion raised in the article - the idea that we could conceivably create a society in which the norm was to wait until one's forties to start having children. The question was raisd because it was noted that the current twentysomethings are waiting until their thirites to start having families, primarily because of economic advantages (building savings/establishing careers/etc).

      I know I'm usually full of opinions, but on this one I am just inquisitive!
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        Mar 4 2012: Verble, again, the science eludes me.

        There are many advantage to having a child after you are in your 40's........with new science, can you imagine women who have longed for a baby, being able to give this beautiful baby unconditional love after so many years of waiting?

        What I have seen as a trend since I have been an adult is that those who have certain education know the responsibility of child rearing. They feel that you pretty much have to disown yourself to really really and truly care for a child. Alot of us have wanted to be home while our children are litte.......

        AND...MOST IMPORTANTLY........Others are even waiting to MARRY late in life because they want to enjoy reaching personal goals and achievements before they have to share their life with another individual.

        So the way I see it, goal oriented individuals enjoy doing something with their lives first.

        Then they marry and husband and wife have "couple goals" that they want to reach, then finally they are ready to bring another life into this world with the full knowledge and peace of mind that they have been able to accomplish their dreams and now they are ready to spread a little love around.

        I personally see this as wonderful.

        The drawback, is that after waiting to have children, imagine the disappointment discovering you cannot have them?? That's where, I suppose, this new science if so attractive.

        If life expectancy and health of humanity improves, well then perhaps we will see people having children into their 60's and 70's.............I mean, afterall, Abraham and Sarah had Isaac when they were in their 90's didn't they?? What do you think about that??

        GM made good points about the science of fertility and possible problems.

        I hope someone chimes in with the scientific information.

        Other than that, I really don't see anything wrong with bearing children late in life, if you are healthy and willing to raise your child in a loving home.