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Let's challenge the notion of the apathetic youth. How can we promote activism in youth generations? What is successful activism today?

With Facebook, Twitter, and countless other social media tools, some say that our youth today are better activists than past generations ever were. Others, however, critique today's young of being increasingly apathetic and dispassionate, blindly clicking 'like' buttons on Facebook rather than getting involved with a cause. Firstly, what do you think? How active is the current youth generation? How can we further encourage passionate behavior? Are tools like Facebook and Twitter belittling activist efforts? or rather empowering these voices? From the Arab Spring to the Occupy Movement, let's cover any type of passion.

  • Mar 1 2012: i dont know what to add to Wael Ghonims talk as an answer to your question.
    social networks are for sure making it easier, more powerful and much more affordable to become an activist.
    in fact its kinda hard NOT to become an activist on facebook when you start noticing how people react to what u post.

    how to promote an activist?
    i was so inspired by what Derek Sivers said about the role the first follower plays to create a leader.
    i recommend that talk as a good answer to the question