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How to make the game becomes a teaching tool?

Most citizens, considers the play as mere entertainment, a luxury opposed to the concept of work.

It generally opposes gambling in the workplace. In the first there are no obligations, no production other than pleasure. In the second, the crops are evaluated, monitored.

So according to this, the game can not be a tool for learning, but its opposite.

What do you think?

  • Mar 9 2011: I think the separation between play and work is an unnecessary and fabricated dichotomy. Well crafted work will feel like play, and well crafted play will accomplish work. Check on Jane McGonigal's book "Reality is Broken". She has some great insights on the real good coming out of games, and how we can bridge the gap between reality and virtual environments to craft good work that accomplishes real goals in a game-like way.
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    Mar 7 2011: I think that all that has to be done is that in any game that interests an individual, quests, tasks, obstacles should stop being things that are simply meaningless problems to solve and become real life learning tasks. Instead of having to find a magic wand by a series of meaningless actions, a real life phsyics problem or point of chemistry knowledge or even detailed and specific knowledge of history has to be found and applied (starting from simple and building step by step in knowledge acquisition). People would rather do 'real' things than be given meaningless tasks. If we could then build their knowledge up ,to a point of mastery the final levels of the games could be unsolved and real life scientific problems that could use millions of man hours of people's labour for free. The reward is very much in the challenge for most people. (See Robert Sapolsky's work on dopamine increases when anticipating a reward or feeling of mastery.)
  • Mar 7 2011: :) yeah but, in this actualy society adults can be like a kid, because, people will think there mad, or irresponsable... So how do this ? This world isn't an utopian world!
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    Mar 7 2011: games do have so many types, Allow people to be introduced to all kind of games and let them choose which one is their type. If this is done, we are almost done. After that, let them play existing games and after some time, allow them what they want to make that game more interesting, let them search, research, communicate, meet other people, discuss and all with professionals and non professionals, let them understand how games actually work, what are the possibilites to implement their ideas. :-) Let´s be a kid to understand the game :D