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What it is that keeps matter from achieving what the ether is capable of, whats the missing link to freedom of evolution?

In all of sciences attempts, and it appears to be getting close at finding what is the difference between the biological brain and the boundless realms of the mind. As well as religious attempts to put a better finger on the latter with all its different disciplines.

Apperas to me to be the problem of one foot tripping over the other as history would dictate. Good and bad things have been done in the name of both and one trying to figure out the other is like trying to use a screwdriver to cut a piece of wood. The proper tool must be used for the proper job no?

To me in this scenario insted of setting each as opposing sides it would be better to combine them. As of now we can see that they may relate yet one can never truly offer what the other needs for completion. Science knows this all to well in the example of evolution two seperate organisms will fight each other off and die repeatedly. however the two seperate organisms that assimilate and become one is the very nature of evolution.

Yet we are set so readily upon the stage of duality where someone, something is ones enemy such is the test of ones wisdom and strength to see past the dilema and realize the other half is needed or forever stagnant they may remain. Granted this is a learning process for if everything in existence even beyond what one can now perceive, came from the same powerful source of creation( or whatever you choose to label it that fits your current paradigm) which divided and splintered itself and conciousness amidst the vastness of space so that it/we could explore and learn.

One can realize that we are not seperate from anything else in creation its only that our perception tells us we are so that we can fully experience the many aspects of lessons at this level. Perhaps we age because our eternal self cannot learn the lessons that matter reveals so we choose to return to the source. However those that can and choose to fuse thier eternal essence with the flesh may find immortality.


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