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Aspartme or sugar - which is healthier?

I've heard that Aspartme is a waste product that somebody put to use, even though it is a poison and creates health problems.

It's marketing also seems highly suspect if that is the case as it is being promoted as a healthier option than sugar. Given the choice, would you buy into being poisoned in the belief that it is healthier for you than sugar, specifically on health grounds? Diet drink? As the Greeks say 'Let the buyer beware.' Don't let them fool you or fool yourself into thinking that others know better than you do about your health (Only a fool who's fooling himself, can fool another fool). Are you a follower of fashion or awake?

  • Mar 5 2012: Sounds reasonable
  • Mar 4 2012: Aspartame is, for me at least, toxic poison. It creates major headaches. I have confirmed this by stopping and starting usage several times. Sugar, when used sparingly, isn't that bad. Of course, humans adore sugar, our primal instincts telling us to get more, more, more. So we don't use it sparingly. I prefer stevia because it is all natural, organic, calorie free, and has zero side effects. It is just now coming into the American market and consumers are becoming aware of it. Sadly, for many decades, it was kept out of the sweetener market because of pressure on the FDA by the artificial sweetener manufacturers. The FDA now allows stevia to be sold as a sweetener. I recommend using it with sugars to create a very low calorie but high powered sweetener.
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    Feb 29 2012: Sugar. There's no such thing as an empty calorie, just a source of energy.

    At the most superficial level, aspartame laden drinks are known to induce fits of coughing. that surely has to be an indicator that it's not doing the body any good.
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    Feb 29 2012: Sugar, no doubt
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    Feb 28 2012:

    A number of muscle building protein powders I purchase go out of their way to market their products as 'Aspartame free'.
    Sugar is by far the better option.