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Nuclear Energy vs Other Non-Fossil Fuel based energy sources

I believe that we need to invest in and deploy nuclear energy. We have a much better chance of innovating and surviving our way through a nuclear energy era than we do through the current fossil fuel era extended for a couple of hundred more years. What do you believe?


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  • Mar 29 2011: Can anyone help me on understand this point a little bit: Amory Lovin's lecture on "winning the oil endgame was given in February 2005 (link below). And he spoke very convincingly that we could do it without nuclear, through conservation, new technologies and renewables. But that wasn't really brought up here. I'm coming to the details of this broader discussion late. Can anyone tell me why it's not being debated here (or much of anywhere). I'd also appreciate some good reading and website recommendations regarding energy issues.
    • Mar 29 2011: Hi Mark,

      here are a few things you can look up on the internet:

      - The yearly UN International Energy Agency statistics PDF file - google for: IEA Key World Energy Statistics 2010
      - For additional information regarding the current status of nuclear and renewables, take a look at the Wikipedia articles regarding nuclear energy, wind energy and offshore wind energy.

      You can find additional comments, summaries and interpretations of the numbers behind these links in some of my earlier postings.

    • Apr 6 2011: Mark. Conservation is wonderful. It reduces peak demand and lowers end user energy bills.

      Business truth. You cannot conserve your way into growth. (It is not a long term solution).

      Population increases, electrical toys increase, and we are becoming more environmentally concerned so we are shutting down some of the older coal plants. That puts pressure on the business model.
      Have a happy.

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