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Alzheimer's Disease or apathy?

I believe that as we get older and more disillusioned by life,we slip more into a depressive state too. This leads to slowed recall. Also, when we are young and enthusiastic, we tend to try to cram as much into our lives / minds as possible but apathy and depression, leads to letting things slide away from us and become chaotic and disorderly. This mess of apathy outside, reflects the abandonment within too or chaos on the outside and mental confusion within. Enthusiasm for life is reflected back at us in detail as depression is mirrored back in the form of 'giant despair' as Bunyan put it, in Pilgrim's progress. When we love life, we enjoy our ability to distinguish one thing from another as opposed to them all blending into one another, when get bored or worse still, despair of them never changing for the better (if we have nothing to look forward to, then it is only natural that we will slide back into nostalgia for better times, when we weren't sidelined but appreciated for being of worth to others. If life is a journey, then the old are heading for the end of it and the young just starting out.

I believe the slowed, muddled headed reaction of the old is understandable and while the young are waking to the summer of their lives, the old are dropping off to sleep at the approaching winter of theirs. The physical effects of this abandonment of response-ability as the old slide into a second childhood, should not be mistaken for the cause (You wouldn't think a neighbours scruffy back yard's cause was physical would you, if you knew they just didn't give a damn would you? So why think the physical decay within is anything but a sign of morale and morale abandonment either?).