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It is not a financial crisis we're facing but a moral and morale one

We have reached a stage in our social evolution, where people feel they have arrived, compared to earlier generations, who struggled to create the industrial infrastructure we now enjoy the refined version of. The unstated question is what now? Where do we go from here?

This societal lack of confidence isn't a monetary depression but a spiritual one. Like Buddha in his palace, we have questions niggling at our conscience about the rest of the world and suffering but we are resisting its draw of our attention and it is killing us. We can only remain selfish and conceited for only a certain amount of time before the situation implodes and society collapses, instead of explodes into the next stage of growth or planetary evolution.


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  • Mar 2 2012: You're right, it isn't a religious question but a spiritual one. Spirit means we are in charge. Religion means a God out there that is (abdicating our responsibility for the reality we create by putting it down to fate / karma. The former means we are adults, the latter children in the hands of a God / parent, that can be benevolent or sadistic at its whim.

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