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If you could achieve your dreams would you ever want to sleep?

I always wonder about this. If any human being here can achieve their dreams and succeed would ever want to sleep? Would ever want to lay back and rest?
Is achieving your dreams all about sacrificing what you are today to become something more tomorrow?

  • Feb 28 2012: It's funny that you've started this conversation. This is because personally, I hate sleeping. It may be funny but I think sleeping is a waste of time and that I'm missing a lot by doing it. I think that I would do

    On the other hand, I think sleeping is the time you get to sum up everything that happened during the day. I'm no expert in the field of sleep, but I think I'd go crazy without it. Just my personal input.
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    Mar 3 2012: Hi Jasper, I think this is a great question. I am driven and will never run out of dreams, I also cannot fit everything I want into a day but I wouldn't give up sleep. I think sleep helps us process and assimilate our ambitions by allowing unconscious reflection time. The mind and body most definitely need this to keep going. I imagine on biological level our bodies would have to evolve to something almost unrecognizable to pull off the idea of never sleeping again....not missing the spiritual point you refer to with sacrificing today for tomorrow...that's interesting.

    **There is clearly a cross-over of responses which arise from having the word 'dream' and 'sleep' in the same question might; hence my use of the word ambition as well as dreams to help clarify my response.
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    Feb 29 2012: My dream is always to have dreams to achieve. Achieving one dream leaves space which other dreams will fill. My idea of hell would be to run out of dreams.

    As for sleep, it clears the brain to exercise the imagination. It also creates a division between one absorbing day and another, allowing the brain to process the experiences of the previous day and refocus for the new day.
  • Feb 29 2012: To Dream is a Gift!!!!
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    Feb 28 2012: If I could achieve my dreams I would sleep more, not less.
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    Feb 28 2012: Every human needs sleep when the body rests it is replenishing the vessel you dwell in.

    What is the point in chasing a dream when you are not capable of nurturing it without the energy you need to fulfil it?

    I can understand the intensity behind passion and the crippling effects of time spent in pursuing your dreams but then who's to question the things you have decided to sacrifice in order to get you where you want to be?

    are you loosing yourself in this process? or do you learn to enjoy what you are becoming or what you have created?
  • Feb 28 2012: I think That in most cases, to succeed, you need to get enough sleep, maybe even get into a strict sleeping routine. Having said that, when I create or write, I love being in that state that resembles a trance. When I am in that state, I cannot stop. I can write, write, write all day and almost forget to go to bed. I have to force myself to go to bed. And sometimes i lay there thinking, god, i have to go back to writing, i need to rearrange my sentence this way...So i have a notebook close to my bed. I am a mum too, so I need to be fresh and up very early in the morning...
    Now, what I do is, I write in the night for three nights, and then the following evening, I fall asleep at 8!