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What is the most important or impressionable thing when you meet a new person for the first time?

Do looks affect your first impression of someone? What about body language? Apparent emotional status?

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    Mar 2 2012: Limp handshakes always put me off, I must admit. It's like they've got no interest, energy or confidence. People asking questions shows they're listening and interested. Eye contact. People who aren't too anxious to please...people who are curious about things...However, that said I know many introverted people worth a hell of a lot who don't have many of the characterics I mentioned above...but what they do all have in common is... a glint in their eye!

    Nice photo by the way.
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    Feb 29 2012: Energy, first and foremost.

    It might be physical or mental or emotional, but if a person has energy it's apparent as soon as they walk into a room. It's not always positive. Someone can have so much energy it makes others uncomfortable, or have too much energy for the circumstances. But generally energy makes a positive impression, and its absence makes no impression at all.
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    Feb 28 2012: Lauren, be wary, we can be fooled by the senses. If we are seeking a mate we might look for different things than say if we were looking to make a sale or diagnose an Aspie. How do we filter our individual worlds/
    Hmmm. I havent time right now .Its late. I like your questions. They make me think .Thankyou.
  • Feb 28 2012: I think body language does make a difference but I really get the first impression from a person when he/she starts to talk.

    It's the tone. It's all about what he/she's saying, what he/she's implying and what he/she means. It's also the greeting he/she uses and how he/she talks about him/herself.

    And then I think about how good this person may be in hiding his /her true self. It's all complicated when you think about it but it all happens in an instant when you meet the person.

    Just my opinion, I'm no expert at this.
  • Feb 28 2012: Is he/she a positive person?