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Will the TEDx initiative cause a transition away from "Ideas Worth Sharing" - towards "Emotions Worth Sharing"?

A growing number of TEDxTalks appear to focus on emotional content to a degree that sometimes makes it difficult to clearly identify the idea worth sharing.

Is this a genuine trend or is it just my impression?

Is such a change a welcome transition or will it dilute the mission of spreading ideas by placing too much focus on inspirational stories?


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    Feb 15 2011: This is an interesting distinction you are suggesting. I think the talks that resonate the most with an audience are the ones that connect at the emotional level. So I can see how the vast explosion of presentations of the TEDx program could be seen as a growth in the emotional aspect.
    Still I think that the emotions are the support beams of the ideas.
    Emotions help us relate to the presenter, but the ideas presenter are still the ones worth sharing.

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