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What entity, group or government through history has been the source of unecessary misery and death to the most amount of peoples?

Throughout history we have had some example of entities and/or governments that have caused misery and death to many, but can anyone helpe me pin point who might be the worst in this category? From the present to the begining of time. We know that Nazism, rogue dictatorships and religious persecutions have caused unecessarty death and destruction to many the world over. But there has to be the worst of the worst, but who?


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    Feb 29 2012: Legalised abortion. 40million or so each year.
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      Feb 29 2012: Wow, I did not expect this response but I'm sure it is true to a very large extent. But the same people that are against abortion for the most part are in favor of illegal and immoral occupations that have killed millions. But since the ones being killed have been brown, poor poeple from other countries and different religions than ours it must be ok. Appalling on both accounts, abortions and the kiiling of innocent poor peoples from other religions and nationalities. Being poor has been a crime for centuries and it is apparently still alive and well. And my proof ot this is simply the disparity and criminal sentencing laws currently on the books for crack vs powder cocain, where the drug of choice for poor people is punished waaaaaaaaaay more harshly that the drug of choice for the more affluent.

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