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What entity, group or government through history has been the source of unecessary misery and death to the most amount of peoples?

Throughout history we have had some example of entities and/or governments that have caused misery and death to many, but can anyone helpe me pin point who might be the worst in this category? From the present to the begining of time. We know that Nazism, rogue dictatorships and religious persecutions have caused unecessarty death and destruction to many the world over. But there has to be the worst of the worst, but who?


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    Feb 28 2012: Dynasties, royality, czars, political tyrants have all caused great misery to the common man. But if one enity was to be singled out it would be religion. Religion is either the reason for or a major contributor to all wars and purges. It is ironic that the very enity that values peace and love has spread terror throughout history.
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      Feb 28 2012: Agreed. Just look at how many millions of native americans and indigenous peoples have suffered and died under religious entities throughout the American continent alone.

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