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Will the 2013 election see Australia with a Labor (Gillard) or Liberal (Abbot) Government, and to what extent does the media influence votes

In the light of today's leadership spill (27/2/2012), arguments over Gillard vs Rudd/ Both of them vs Abbot have run into overdrive. There is a distinct difference in the discussions fueled by in-depth political knowledge, and the superficial slings that the less politically inclined choose to fight with. My question is; what percentage of Australia is dictated to by the television and newspapers, and will our next leader win based on a celebrity style popularity vote, or an honorable policy promise.


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  • Mar 5 2012: Chances are the Liberals will win although I doubt either party will create anything substantially beneficial to the individual voter.

    It's a shame that politicians have their own interests at heart instead that of their constituents who voted them in the first place. I would like to see a politician who does not vote on policy decisions down party lines, but instead votes on behalf of their local area members. In an ideal world I would like to see a politician put the latest political issue on their website, let their local members vote on the issue and then take that result to parliament regardless of how they personally feel.

    I think the media influences the government's focus which in turn influences voters. Take the boat people refugee issue for example. The media suggest that illegal boat people is an important issue and stopping it then becomes a voting issue, however the reality is that less than 5% of illegal immigrants arrive via boat. The rest arrive through the airports however as this is never reported the government doesn't address the issue.

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