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Will the 2013 election see Australia with a Labor (Gillard) or Liberal (Abbot) Government, and to what extent does the media influence votes

In the light of today's leadership spill (27/2/2012), arguments over Gillard vs Rudd/ Both of them vs Abbot have run into overdrive. There is a distinct difference in the discussions fueled by in-depth political knowledge, and the superficial slings that the less politically inclined choose to fight with. My question is; what percentage of Australia is dictated to by the television and newspapers, and will our next leader win based on a celebrity style popularity vote, or an honorable policy promise.


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    Feb 29 2012: Thank you for your thoughts! The reason I highlighted the media point is I feel like I'm listening (especially recently) to a lot of misinformation regurgitation from my friends; which I can mostly blame on mudslinging campaigns and bias discourse (usually portrayed by leading media bodies).

    This may not be the reality, but there seems to be a wider percentage of Australians currently who are misinformed, or who blatantly "don't care". My example being the overwhelming majority of my friends and colleagues who refer to Prime Minister Gillard as a "backstabbing bitch" re the 2010 leadership spill, whom when questioned have little or no idea of how that event actually came about and why.

    I completely agree with you Bob in that many people vote for who their parents propose, and yes GM, "Personality, popularity, charisma/integrity and capability" do play a large role (if not the largest role all things considered) when campaigning for votes.

    In regards to the 2013 election; it's so difficult to predict, but assuming both parties are in a similar place policy and progress wise in a years time (which I believe to be likely), I wonder if Australians will throw their vote to the "backstabbing bitch" or the Pro-life religious nut. Is that a caricature description of those leaders? Absolutely! But that's what the media gives us, and unless we take the extra time and go the extra step to understand the policies and progress of implementation fully, that's all we've got.

    Great stuff, thanks guys for your responses!

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