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What do we need to teach our kids about healthy eating and exercise?

Is it enough to be teaching our children about what foods are good and what foods are bad or do we need to do more than that, do we need to take the leap into leading a healthy active life ourselves and leading the next generation by example.


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    Feb 27 2012: I believe no food is 'good' or 'bad' , only a starting point which explores our individual attitudes towards it. With so many children with eating disorders, I say we are actually at risk in developing mass 'disordered eating', that is say an unhealthy relationship with or around food. At our school we are striving to improve our dining facilities because we value children's relationship with food and importantly what it can bring to socialization. The simple maths of calorie intake versus calorie use is often forgotten and I have seen many children clearly 'eating their feelings', that is to say using food as a substitute for love, care or affection. This I understand but it nevertheless is upsetting to see. Keeping children active and educated is crucial. I agree John, more leading by example is needed by adults, we can after all so easily fall into these unhealthy habits ourselves.
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      Feb 28 2012: Totally agree Stuart! i hesitated when writing good / bad food but i left it in as thats what this forum is all about!! the energy imbalance is something im really passionate about and feel it is the most simplest of lessons that instead has been replaced with a myriad of fad diets, checks, points & slim shakes.
      Eating their feelings is a great term and so relevant. We have so many simple carb foods available to us that when we are feeling low, our body doesnt have to reach very far to get a dose of glycogen.

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        Feb 28 2012: I agree John, I worry that people, in trying to gain control of eating, are vulnerable to fad diets and heavy marketing campaigns. Many of the over priced and over packaged diet foods provide an 'illusion' of health and intelligent people are taken in by it. I also have concern for 'bargaining' that goes on in diets such as: ' I've had a chocolate bar today so I will only have milk in my coffee until Thursday...' I know some people do feel powerless around food and I do sympathize but all the time the adults are making poor choices then children will pick up on it too. Easy to say and hard to do I know.

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