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What do we need to teach our kids about healthy eating and exercise?

Is it enough to be teaching our children about what foods are good and what foods are bad or do we need to do more than that, do we need to take the leap into leading a healthy active life ourselves and leading the next generation by example.


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    Feb 27 2012: The best thing to encourage is the ability to analyse and assess all the information out there. There's a deluge of information about what people should and shouldn't eat. That changes over time, and much of it is contradictory anyway. Pragmatic guidelines is enough teaching if kids are brought up with an intelligent scepticism. Then kids will be influenced by the attitudes and habits of the family, so good example matters.
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      Feb 28 2012: thanks for that! so i think what you are saying is we need to give them the tools to do the job and not try to over direct them

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