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What do we need to teach our kids about healthy eating and exercise?

Is it enough to be teaching our children about what foods are good and what foods are bad or do we need to do more than that, do we need to take the leap into leading a healthy active life ourselves and leading the next generation by example.


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  • Feb 27 2012: I think children learn from their parents first and by leading a healthy life by choosing healthy food and exercise as a daily routine, parents will automatically inculcate healthy living style for their children. Moreover, to add to that, just by letting them know facts about the benefits of eating carrots/apples (how Carotine in Carrots and Quercetin a chemical found in apples) help in keeping eyes healthy, etc. will inspire them more.
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      Feb 27 2012: Yeah im a big believer in educating rather than indoctrinating. Making it fun is so much more impact full

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