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What color is your childhood? What color do you see your present? And your future.

colors are symbolic and reflet our emotions. We could make a colored chart of our life with colors. What color or what combination of colors would be your life's.
Try and visualize your childhood. What colors can you see?
What color or color combination is your present? Your future?


Closing Statement from Manue M

Colors are very symbolic.
This conversation did not bring many Ted'sters together. Nevertheless, it looks like all the Ted'sters represented in this conversation, no matter what color their past has been, no matter what their present is, agree on one color for our futur: green.Green is the color of nature and hope. This idea does represent our generation.May we manage to live in a greener world. If we manage to reach that greener futur, I wonder what color will then come as the future color!
Thanks for participating.

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    Mar 4 2012: I would say my childhood was brown...not horrible but not warm and comforting. My present would be bright lime green and red, coming into my own personality, beliefs and goals (green) but feeling blocked from currently pursuing them (red). My future is lime green and deep blue...where my excitement in chasing my goals meets the satisfaction (blue) of feeling like I'm accomplishing something important.

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