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CEO, Nixter

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How can I launch my app in SXSW without networks in the US?

Hi there!

I'm Francisco Sáez, Nixter CEO & Co-Founder.

Within few days, we will launch Nixter app in 8 cities of the US.

Our launch wil be at SXSW Startup SPotlight event.

We are all from Chile, with mostly none networks here in the US.

Any advice to hook me up with reporters and influential people to spread Nixter?


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    Feb 29 2012: Thenks! We already have tickets but the normal ones :(

    We hope to get visits from influential people at Startup Spotlight event... that akes place in the hilton on march 9
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    Feb 28 2012: If you are serious about getting this into the right hands then I would invest in some backstage /all access passes.
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    Feb 28 2012: I'm not sure what kind of app this is or what it does or what network of people it wold appeal to so its kind of hard to give advice? If you are looking to market it to a young/urban/ trendy crowd then SXSW is the place to go. The most influential people(regarding trends) at SXSW will be the bands and comedians that are preforming as well as several very large radio stations. So there is a place to start. The more exclusive you make it seem the better- at those sort of events. Good luck.
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    Feb 27 2012: nothing?