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I am beginning a 30-Day Mindfulness Fast tomorrow, any suggestions for daily meditations, readings, exercises or food for thought?

I decided recently to be more intentional and was inspired by a friend to undertake a mindfulness fast which will include not eating out and other forms of mindful eating practices as well as a regular yoga and meditation practice, outdoor experiences and journaling to track my experiences and explore my process. I would love feedback of all sorts from people who have undertaken any sort of physical or spiritual fast and some guidance on good food for thought for the duration. You can follow my process at: http://lizblackman.tumblr.com/

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    Feb 27 2012: I have done something similar to this and the best thing I found for me was not thinking about what to do I just did, my personal motivation was dedicating my day to someone who I know and reflecting on their weaknesses and literally putting myself in their situation in that day to help change my negative attitude towards those people in my life that cause me to have such negative opinions on their lives.

    Being in the nature does wonders for your soul especially conquering a peak of some sort, I would run up mountains and completely exhaust myself to the point where i'd get to the top and be so emotional and in that moment I found release and was content with the clarity of mind space i received.

    Wishing you all the best with your journey :)
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      Feb 27 2012: That first paragraph offers an excellent exercise to build empathy. I've used similar methods; I highly endorse that exercise.
  • Feb 27 2012: .
    I think, therefore I am not
    Only when the mind is silent, I am
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    Feb 27 2012: Ponder this :

    "Nothing real can be threatened... Nothing unreal exists"

    At the end of your 30 days look up its origin and explore further if you wish.

    Good luck
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    Feb 27 2012: Meditation is cool,push the world away see the grey wall.
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    Feb 27 2012: Well met and welcome to a brand new world.

    Try sitting still without moving and without blinking your eyes. Try to work your way to doing this for fifteen minutes. Most people cannot make it to five and they find this the hardest thing they've ever done. If you can't do this, forget about Yoga, forget about meditation, and forget about the occult. None of it is for you if you can't sit still for five minutes without blinking. Of course, you can and should breath. If you feel the need to swallow, do so, but not excessively. And, while you're doing this -- whatever you do -- try not to think about orange monkeys. Good luck. =)

    If you follow up on any of this, you can send me an email through my profile and I can offer you a curated reading list for you to work with. You'd be on your own as I am not taking apprentices at this time, but I can show you what I did and set you walking.