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Have E bay and Tedcred ratings become the currency of integrity?

Are these things how we judge each other in today's digital world?

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    Mar 11 2011: TED creds, as a matter of fact were abused in the past. However, TED took notice of that and made the proper changes and, as far as I can see, the situation improved significantly.
    That said, I agree with Mark that TED Creds, might carry some weight here in this community, but aren't worth a lot outside.
    Beside, I wouldn't go as far as calling it a currency of integrity, because the Creds stand for many things. Someone can have the integrity, but not being a heavy poster, hence, he never will accumulate much Creds. So, I wouldn't put too much weight on Creds......neither here, nor anywhere else.
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    Mar 7 2011: No, and I think it is better that way.

    As an example I used to be a member on a LotR fan forum, quite a big one actually, where you "leveled up" and gained new icons and a new title as you reached a certain number of points determined by the posts you made; you had to post in the Tolkien related forums and reach a certain length.
    For example you could become a warrior at say 100 points and Steward of Gondor at 12500.
    Unfortunately the system often led to abuse and you had cases where members posted just for the sake of getting a couple more points in their quest to surpass others.
    In the end the rank and the shiny titles were often no longer a sign of being a great member.

    As no reward system online is flawless I don't see why we should judge others by this.
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    Mar 20 2011: I don´t. I never even use E bay.
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    Mar 10 2011: Most reward point systems can be abused, because ultimately people start seeking the points themselves rather than the underlying value (in this case, integrity) the points were supposed to reward.

    Cases in point: Capitalism - capital has become an end in itself, rather than social wellbeing. Whoops!
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    Mar 7 2011: Ebay.... well only by the standard of 2 years ago. Now its bad on the most recent transaction without weight. Another words, if you did 500 transaction last year and 5 this year. and receive a negative feedback your rating is now 80% Not only this they have stopped the allowance of rebudtle for disputes. Secondly I have most recently placed a few objects on Ebay of a higher nature and have received nothing more then lesser comments and questions then normal. Yahoo Answers would be a better mention. Still I have mentioned to them one thread with hundreds of quality answers obviously should count for more then what we see and have seen on all markets. a score of 5000+ with .75 items and questions and answer that are less then five words. A better grading system much like in school. The heavier exam has more weight then a pop quiz or the secondary exams.
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    Mar 7 2011: I think both eBay and Tedcred could be considered currency of integrity within their respective communities, but carry little weight outside of them. I think that's what they were designed to be. It would be interesting to see a karma system that revealed an API that others could use within their own communities to make a sort of global integrity service. It would be a little like a internet wide credit score.

    TedCred, however, fails because it can be bought. It seems you can gain a substantial amount of TedCred by being an associate which is available to anyone willing to part with $500 or $995. Or you can be labeled a TED Attendee by parting with at least $7,500 to attend. So when I see somebody with 200 TedCred points I assume they have wealth, not necessarily integrity.