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"Beliefs are like tabletops - they need legs to stand on." I'm just curious to know, what does this mean to you?

I wonder what others think of this statement. And what others think is the truth behind our beliefs?

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    Feb 27 2012: I read somewhere that the oldest human genes currently on the planet were african,that fit the evolutionary model and came as no real surprise to the rest of the world,now go back forty years ago to mexico, a group of archeologists with a young geologist unearthed tools that didn't fit the then paradigm of the age that area of the world should of produced,they had run the numbers using three different dating methods and decided to get the facts out there,the numbers didn't fit and their evidence has been hotly contested over the years,i think the last paper written on it was 2004 which supports a date range between 80,000-250,000.


    I'm on the fence with this one as i'm a creationist but that doesn't mean that what they found isn't physical fact.
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    Feb 27 2012: Seems that beliefs are on a higher level than knowledge and facts, so maybe those are the legs and from those the top is constructed.

    Beliefs are so dependent on personal interpretations, priorities and values that each individual has his/her own set. Sometimes we can be so focused on the particle of a tree, we don't see the forest.

    Some proclaim that only those at their table will be served.. not so.
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      Mar 1 2012: Some say that our beliefs are formed from our experiences. Others say our experiences are the direct result of our beliefs.

      What do you say?
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        Mar 2 2012: It would seem to me that both could be possible. The experiences we get, are allowed so we can learn from them. God works on our eternity, not our comfort in the here and now. So whatever it takes, even a NDE..

        Some people have an accident or are fired and their whole world seems to fall apart. Several years later, however, they might say "that was the best thing that ever happened to me!" Of course we can also decide that, since that happened to us, there is no God!

        We can only see God's hand in our llifes in hindsight, and then only if we want to.
        Our beliefs or faith is an internal acknowledgement of truth, hopefully our faith is based on our understanding of Revelation and not on our experiences and how we reacted to them.

        It helps if we acknowledge a higher power who loves us and is in charge. AA seems to think so too.
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    Feb 27 2012: What does it serve me to believe anything?
    Some things I know other things I have a vague understanding of the rest I don't know.
    To not believe a thing keeps us curious to explore and leaves space to listen to our intuition that contains all answers.
    You better use your own legs to stand on.
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    Feb 27 2012: Yes our ancient love affair with the dragon,it has lasted the ages even to this day.It is safe to assume that we might of seen dinosaurs in our past especially with the footprints they found in that texas? river strata along side of some large dinosaur.i wonder if that evidence has been refuted?
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    Feb 27 2012: A bit like "No smoke without fire". Beliefs have to start somehow .
    Take the dragon "myths". There are stories worldwide about large ferocious creatures, & the heros who killed them. There are hundreds of carvings, paintings, statues, etc of these creatures. Many are identical to known Dinosaurs. These are the legs.
    It seems reasonable to assume that men have seen live dinosaurs. This is the tabletop. Just listen for the roar of chainsaws, & laughter. But what's the alternative explanation ?

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      Feb 27 2012: Wouldn't it be much more logic to presume that people regularly found fossil bones and skulls that they fantasized about. Giants, titans and dragons had to be reckoned with because they couldn't understand that species would become extinct. So those creatures had to be hiding somewhere or Peter do you think humans lives among titans as well.
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        Feb 27 2012: Granted that is logical.
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        Feb 27 2012: Hi Frans.
        I think a lot of these artefacts pre-date the digging up of dinosaur bones. There are also cases of the artefacts showing detail that was not apparent to mainline science until recently. Folks need to do a bit of study & decide for themselves.

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          Feb 27 2012: I can't make much sense out of your answer. Maybe it's a question of language.
          Fossil bones don't need to be digged up because they come to the surface by natural processes. What do you mean by artefacts and what details?
          Did you ever did some serious study yourself, Peter?
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          Feb 27 2012: Peter I looked 3 minutes of the video you proposed and heard a lot of non sense already. Do I need to see the whole hour?
          If that man has studied anything it wasn't anything that had to do with geology.
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        Feb 28 2012: Hi Frans
        I think the language is an issue.
        People were making pictures & models of dinosaurs before the fossils of these dinosaurs were available. They were also relating tales of dragons, or dinosaurs at the same time. The word dinosaur is a recent invention, but the descriptions of dragons fits dinosaurs just fine.
        Pictures & models of dragons had details such as the large fin like structures on the backs of some dinosaurs. These were not discernible on the fossils & were only recently discovered.
        I spend a lot of time studying this stuff, have done for years.
        Sorry you don't like my guy. Can't be helped. What did he get wrong in 3minutes ?