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Connect humankind on a forward trajectory of dreams & desires... with one simple idea....

IF... we share our dreams for ourselves in one sentence, and in a second sentence share our dream for others [or the world] ...

THEN... with these two vital data points, can we can begin to support each other and link on common goals and progressive conversations towards our dreams?

Yes, there are blogs, clubs, organizations that connect people on common interest, but how often are we able to declare our dreams out load, place intent and purpose, into a group of smart, caring, inventive people? I believe TED is that group... and this is a great place to start, it just takes a few leaders like you to begin...


Closing Statement from Terry Torok

if people could know just two things about each other... the dream for themselves and their dream for others...
i believe we could create a more peaceful, prosperous path of compassion and completion.

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    Mar 7 2012: Hmm, my dream for everyone is to make education, religion, and politics open on the internet. We need a website for the most intelligent intellectuals to determine the accuracy of everything and we the people can make our judgements based on what we see.
    The intelligent could decide what needs to be taught for each profession. Then anyone can take online courses to try to get a degree. And it should be free.
    There should be a website for each religion which tackles important questions for intelligent people to discuss. The people will see the discussions and make their own decisions.
    Each government would list the important topics and the intelligent will discuss these issues and allow the people vote on everything.
    Basically my dream is for everyone to have a REAL voice versus one representative to make adecision on what they think the people want. This would eliminate most corruption.
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      Mar 8 2012: Totally agree on open source - Thank you Kevin - I am currently working on open source curriculum [IAM] Ideas, Art & Music, once we get 4 years of lesson plans, we are going to deliver it open source with training and measures - we are in year 2. Thank you for these great goals- A voice for the world - Terry Torok

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