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Connect humankind on a forward trajectory of dreams & desires... with one simple idea....

IF... we share our dreams for ourselves in one sentence, and in a second sentence share our dream for others [or the world] ...

THEN... with these two vital data points, can we can begin to support each other and link on common goals and progressive conversations towards our dreams?

Yes, there are blogs, clubs, organizations that connect people on common interest, but how often are we able to declare our dreams out load, place intent and purpose, into a group of smart, caring, inventive people? I believe TED is that group... and this is a great place to start, it just takes a few leaders like you to begin...

Closing Statement from Terry Torok

if people could know just two things about each other... the dream for themselves and their dream for others...
i believe we could create a more peaceful, prosperous path of compassion and completion.

  • Feb 28 2012: My dream for myself is to live in truth, love and joy all the time. I want to express all of my true feelings and thoughts the instant they arise. I wish to obey my every positive whim. I want to be the real me all the time.

    My dream for the world is that all people live according to their own highest consciousness of what is right. I want all people to perceive and express truth, love and joy all the time. I want people to be who they really are.

    I want us to be healthy, prosperous and enjoy the infinite positive offerings of life and to give and accept purely positive everything always.

    I want all this starting right now......or at latest starting tomorrow morning.

    (I decided to ignore the quantities you suggested.)
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      Mar 4 2012: this is beautiful thank you so much Rhona
      • Mar 6 2012: You are welcome. Thanks for pointing our brains in a positive direction. Happy Today.
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    Mar 24 2012: ...

    As this conversation comes to it's final days... I hope we can continue to share our dreams out loud, and consider how our dreams our bigger than our own life... it is what we leave behind for others to build on... Thumbs up to all of you for supporting this conversation... next margaritas, at my place on the beach... and a serious sunrise party...
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      Mar 24 2012: My Dear Terry,
      You have been withholding information. If I had known there would be a beach party with margaritas at the end of this discussion, I would have joined earlier!!! Just teasing of course:>)

      I totally agree with the idea of connecting humankind, supporting each other, recognizing and linking common goals, connecting for conversations which link our dreams and goals as a global society. TED is a great forum for this goal...I have begun:>)
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        Mar 24 2012: my bad... all parties announced earlier in...

        [spread the natural wealth of creative currency....]
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    Feb 27 2012: You said it perfectly. I have just recently found TED discussion groups and its exactly what I have been searching for. I tried expressing my thoughts and ideas on Facebook only to get very little response. But say something like "Thank God its Friday" on Facebook and you get 100 replies.
    I found weekly groups at nearby Universities but they were not very open to discuss new ideas simply because they are a face to face setting with a time constraint.
    TED is great.
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      Feb 27 2012: Yep, on to something here... Ideas worth Spreading are proven with Action...
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      Mar 4 2012: thanks Kevin, do you have a dream for yourself, and one for others ? would be great to hear from you!
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    Mar 24 2012: Hello to all,

    My dream that I would love to share with you is :
    That every children from the age of 0 to 12 in every country and in every part of the world can live their childhood years as a child should experience it : with love, joy, laughter, security, education, encourage to be themself, nourrish, healthy, cared about, play, leave in a home, sleep in a warm bed, tuck in at night, bed time stories, being free of using their vivid imagination and being respected. To make it an international law, like the Geneva Conventions, but for children.

    No child labor or having a kid at 7yrs old living and sleeping in the street...My mind do not comprehend, this actually exist. It brakes my heart profoundly!

    As for my personal dream, is to let out all the power, the light, the kindness, the joy, the beauty, the love, the strenght, the courage and so much more that I did not tap into yet, be outhere and live it at all time, and by doing so, permit others to do the same. Because, for the person that I'm inside is unique and fantastic!

    Wishing you all authenticity, courage to be and change the world.
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      Mar 24 2012: Dear Mireille,
      You have expressed this beautifully. Children are our future, and it is so important to nurture, encourage and support children in the life journey:>)

      You ARE unique and fantastic...thanks for sharing the gift of YOU with US:>)
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        Mar 24 2012: Thank you dear Colleen! I'll see you at the beach party!!!
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    Mar 7 2012: Hmm, my dream for everyone is to make education, religion, and politics open on the internet. We need a website for the most intelligent intellectuals to determine the accuracy of everything and we the people can make our judgements based on what we see.
    The intelligent could decide what needs to be taught for each profession. Then anyone can take online courses to try to get a degree. And it should be free.
    There should be a website for each religion which tackles important questions for intelligent people to discuss. The people will see the discussions and make their own decisions.
    Each government would list the important topics and the intelligent will discuss these issues and allow the people vote on everything.
    Basically my dream is for everyone to have a REAL voice versus one representative to make adecision on what they think the people want. This would eliminate most corruption.
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      Mar 8 2012: Totally agree on open source - Thank you Kevin - I am currently working on open source curriculum [IAM] Ideas, Art & Music, once we get 4 years of lesson plans, we are going to deliver it open source with training and measures - we are in year 2. Thank you for these great goals- A voice for the world - Terry Torok
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    Mar 3 2012: Ongoing improvement in education to expand our minds. My dream for myself and for others is one and the same.
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      Mar 4 2012: thank you Erik, Great Goal ! [my new passion is exploring positive deviants in education, and designing IAM [ideas, art & music] curriculum to spark whole brain solution thinking and the entrepreneurial spirit... I find the great news in revamping education is there are far more accessible solutions than problems... just need brave souls to help blow a hole in status quo... ]
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    Mar 3 2012: I am afraid I only have two dreams, which are more "practical":

    The dream for myself: I hope that my kids will spend some weekends and vacations with me in the future - as they did in the last 15 years. Now they are growing up and they are leaving, but keeping the ties and empathy would make all the difference in the world.

    My dream for others: stop of violence towards women and kids within families.

    Taking both together even a new very visionary world could emerge.
  • Manue M

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    Feb 27 2012: I would like to have a positive impact around me and I dream of spreading my creations on a larger scale.

    I dream everybody gets to experience unconditional love and have a positive impact around them by accomplishing their own dreams.
  • Mar 22 2012: Awsome .Grat ideas!!!
  • Mar 21 2012: Another dream I have......is that Americans will feel it is unacceptable to be innumerate. We currently feel it is socially unacceptable to be illiterate and have programs to address that. But in general, it is OK if you are not good in math.
  • Mar 21 2012: My personal dream is to have a positive impact on friends, family, community and the places I visit. To be a role model in everything I do. My hope for humanity is that one day, there will be no more hate in the world. Hearts will be filled with respect for others and fear banished forever.
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    Mar 11 2012: ...

    Some dreams for the World...

    All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together.
    Jack Kerouac

    I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
    Walt Disney

    I dream of an Africa which is in peace with itself.
    Nelson Mandela

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      Mar 12 2012: Everything I dig up in myself is rooted in "fair trade".....

      My dream for the world is where every single person is free to be their authentic self and contribute positively to the community from their talents. Earn their living and dignity from their own positive work...synergy.....reciprocal and mutual sustenance...a solid platform from which to function everyday at full potential .....each be our best constructive self.....help as many people as possible.....balanced life/work.....and for everyone to have and hold all the basic universal everyday inspirations and joys of human living :) with gratitude.
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        Mar 12 2012: thank you placing your dream in public for anyone to listen to... awesomeness...
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    Mar 11 2012: ......"Friends cherish each other's dreams" .........
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      Mar 11 2012: thank you Juliette... what is your dream ?
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        Mar 11 2012: hmmm......dream!?....good wheels are reeling...forming deep in and...bubbling up to surface...in searching...from seven born yesterday and the awesome feeling it brings....can't wait to grasp it and come back to you with:-)
  • Mar 7 2012: My dream for the future of humanity to embrace truth. When you have people like T. Boone Pickens selling his cause at TED to "get off foreign oil" and everyone cheers and applauds him for his message, one has to look beyond his words and see the ugly truth behind his message. The idea that if the USA stops importing oil from other nations alluding that energy would be cheap and accessible to all is simply a lie. He doesn't tell you that the oil that sold on an open global market to the highest bidder. He never advocates for nationalizing the oil so that it belongs to the citizens of the US so that "getting off of foreign oil" has any effect. He doesn't tell you how any fossil fuels extracted from the USA are the property of the companies. And that those companies will sell to whoever will pay the most. He never once mentioned how the US has become a net exporter of gasoline and the US has reduced the consumption of gasoline over the past year yet prices continue to rise. I don't see how a group of our elites attending TED can't see through his transparency.

    My dream is for humanity to start telling the truth, the real truth.
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    Mar 7 2012: My dream for myself?
    Well I'm living it.
    All that's left is to share all this fabulous value I have found with the world.

    My dream for the world?
    That all those like me get a chance to share, that minds and hearts will open to receive it.
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    Feb 29 2012: love and something like it... what's not to love about achieving unconditional love?

    i tend to think in threes, so to riff on your thoughts... 1. Someone to Love. 2. Something bigger than us to engage in. 3. Something to look forward to.

    As much as I like this idea.. having thousands of people actually declare their own dream for themselves and their dream for humanity, is the idea of this TED thread, and IF achieved on some scale, may even prove common denominators [vs assuming what might be right for many]

    I think it's worth a TED try... I invite a few leaders to jump in and share their dream for themselves as well as their dream for others... let's see what we can learn, together...
  • Feb 28 2012: I agree.

    The world has to unite under a single idea. It has to be simple enough that everyone can understand it. It has to be universal enough that everybody should be willing to push through with it. It also has to be politically colorless enough that it cannot be accused of serving only the interests of one part of the world because it serves every part of the world.
    All that's left is to think of a lot of ways to put this idea then work can begin.
    That idea should bring benefit and prevent harm.
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    Feb 27 2012: Do you mean that all humans share a dream where we wish for a glorious future for all of us as a species and the caretakers of the planet?.

    Do you think our dna has a hand in our dreams?that as a species gets to a certain threshold that it might wipe itself out and begins again or?

    I agree with you but i can't help wondering if this is a genetic "expression"? on a species level.
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      Feb 27 2012: I can't suggest all humans have a common dream... thankfully we are all wildly unique... but there might be a majority of humans that desires success on this round ball flying through space in a human "race".

      Yes, I do think DNA has a hand in a predisposition of dream capacity - I also believe dreams are part of our creative currency we are born with, and a great equalizer... it seems at the moment we may doubt we can reach our dreams is most vulnerable... In places where children have to grow up too fast, or childhood is robbed from them, support and human rights needs to intervene, this where human "kind" needs to kick in, and at that point, when it comes to our dreams and goals, the more we share, the more we have... the more we have, the more we can share. I'm optimistic about this species... we just might have to get it together a little better... am just believing, being better a keeper of our dreams, and aligning in a common direction makes sense, since we are actually flying 66,000+ mph together anyway...
  • Feb 27 2012: Terry. here we are....succeeding in accomplishing all of our positive goals. Right on!
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      Mar 5 2012: Image if we could support each others dreams... especially the quiet corners and the dreams unheard...
      • Mar 5 2012: Yes. We can. There is so much we can do to co-create the world to be the way our beautiful, positive heartsmindssoulsspirits want it to be. Let's continue being true to ourselves and to others and we will continue succeeding in accomplishing all of our positive goals. Happy Today.
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    Mar 21 2012: ....

    awesome Damon thank you. [ everything we need, is here. ]
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    Mar 7 2012: thank you Tommy, truth has many sides, transparency is a key to seeing all the way through...
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    Mar 4 2012: What is your passionate dream or goal for you AND What is your dream for Humankind? Thank you for your thoughts here...
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    Feb 28 2012: any idea of this idea ?
    • Manue M

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      Feb 29 2012: This is an old idea here... But why would love for the human kind and for our Earth could not be the answer to our issues?

      Ok, it sounds utopian. But love can spread. Can we Not work on spreading The idea of love and love itself?

      If we could all experience it on a large scale, we would all have to listen to others, feel compassion, we would have to learn integrity, we would cooperate, we would no try to have power on others, we would work together for a better future. Sounds really "cucu la praline et fleur bleue" as we say in French, but this is the only way I can think of.

      I tell my kids: " I love you, who ever you are, who ever you will be, what ever will be. What is most important is that you act in order to be proud of yourself. My dream is that you dream beautiful dreams and work on making those dreams come true. I am here to help if you need me. But only you can dream your dreams."

      What if we were all capable of saying this sincerely to everyone on the planet?

      - By experiencing unconditionnal love, so by being able to receive and to give back.
      - By meditating.
    • Manue M

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      Feb 29 2012: After second thought. Love might not be enough.
      Developing curiosity and critical thinking are also very important.
      Crossing disciplines to get a bigger picture would also be nice.

      So Love and education!
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    Feb 27 2012: Manue thank you. Curious.... what are your creations ?
    • Manue M

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      Feb 28 2012: I am an artist. But, right now, I am finishing to write my first book.
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    Feb 27 2012: Please take a moment and take a lead on writing your dream for yourself in one sentence, and your dream for others in another sentence... [consider and enjoy brevity and bravado!}