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the definition of utopia

Utopia would never succeed unless every one of its members were perfect and good. The reality is, noone can be perfect, much less all of us. We should keep that in mind when adapting our society and governments. The true definition of utopia is a government and community that accepts human faults and takes them into account, and isn't perfect, but does the very best that is possible to make our lives better and more functional

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    Feb 28 2012: You are redefining the word. Sir Thomas More coined the word to represent perfection, the total absence of socio-political disparity resulting from human narcissism. You advocate accommodating human faults which are disallowed, nay, non-existent, in Utopia. Find another word, Mr. Fancher, or coin your own.
  • Feb 27 2012: Utopia is the way life is supposed to be, meant to be, will be as soon as we all acknowledge the facts we behold as they are, express truth all the time, be who we really are and, if we must manipulate anyone, manipulate only ourselves. It seems obvious to me that the natural state of being is positive. Let's free ourselves of the dead power and control freaks, re-program ourselves and co-create the utopian existence that will cause us all to live in a state of sheer delight. Happy Today.
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      Feb 27 2012: Rhona your definition is definitely Utopian. I disagree that the natural state is necessarily positive if that were so we would be in a utopia now. If you meant to say that when our natures are balanced and healthy then I would agree that they then would be positive. What makes for a Utopia ? I do agree with you that a lack of coercion would be a foundational characteristic. A utopia can and will blossom when a plurality of the population achieves a good proportion of their potential balanced with the highest human values. The opposite of the D. Trump school of ethics that he who dies with the most toys wins ( with extra points for a series of trophy wives).
      • Feb 28 2012: chad, Let us be the generation that lives according to our own highest awareness of what is right, truth, goodness.....stuff like that. All those dead fear-mongers, those dead power and control freaks are the ones who knocked us off the happy equilibrium that seems to me to be the natural state of humankind. We have the power to change the world to be the way we want it to be. Let's do it. I'm bored of all the whining, complaining, suffering. Why spend all those resources on curing the ills of humankind. Let's spend our resources on elevating the joy level of our contemporaries and we can pass it on to future generations who can spend more time enjoying the infinite positive facts of life.
        Happy Today.
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    Mar 4 2012: Utopia a the thought of the most perfect way something would work. An ideal situation in any context. Utopia is a place in a metaphysical sense that does not exist.

    One could say that utopia on earth would be a world without hunger, catastrophes, criminals and everything else related to bad and evil.