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Do think "immigration" could be an own TED-Theme?

Immigration could be an own TED-Theme.

The talk of Tan Le embrasses all of the qualities of a classical TED theme - except maybe technological aspects. Still immigration has in my view the relevance of a TED theme.

- important for the society as a whole.
- essential for future decision making
- giving insights and new information even for well-informed digital class
- based on personal stories and experiences
- authentic.

Thinking about it I am wondering why TED did not start "immigration" as a topic so far - it is such a change-maker for education, school, economy, urbanism asf.... It is such a basic topic, but maybe I overlooked some major argumentes against this idea?

So I thought I ask you members and fellow commenters - do think "immigration" could be an own TED-Theme? What are the pro and con arguments? Aren´t there so many unheard stories, we must listen to in the future - in order to understand better large parts of our social changes?
For me this was one of the learnings having listened to the talk of Tan Le.

  • Mar 2 2012: Mr. Fesel, I think you have such a great point. The topic of immigration would bring in an aspect to TED of rich, touching, and inspiring stories.. Stories of people who, for the most part, made such boudless sacrifices for a better future for their loved ones.
    There are many great books out there already that deal with the topic, even in pop culture. TED's admirable mission of spreading knowledge for the greater good would greatly contribute, and gain, from the topic of immigration. I think it's time TED took it up as a major topic.
  • Feb 29 2012: I signed up just to comment on this. The topic of immigration would be a great addition to the TED talks. Afterall countries like Canada and the US are essentially built on immigrants ever since Christopher Columbus discovered America. It would be touching to hear the hardships and successes of those who immigrated and can help inspire others who are in the same boat experiencing the same thing.
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      Mar 2 2012: Great and welcome to TED. For me it is like an intellectual family and it is great to debate with you.
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      Feb 27 2012: You are right - TED is expanding - but still I see a line connecting them all - as you pointed out: non-technological innovations and influences.

      This is a trend, not only in TED, but in many policies around the world: innovation is not only technical news anylonger.
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    Mar 3 2012: Dear all - your comments and enthusiasm motivated me to prolong our big question for another week !
    Please invite your friends and colleagues to participate and bring forward their voice. Maybe we t
    ogether can get TED a little interested?
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    Mar 2 2012: Here is a film series by the artist Mischa Kuball from Cologne - interviewing some 100 migrant families and just listening to personal stories and values:

    What is your impression? Expectations fulfilled? Or shall we listen differently - maybe is podcast better than film, to avoid prejeduces one quite autmatically generates just by seeing the different dress-code?
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    Mar 2 2012: Hi Serafina - thx for your very enthusiastic words! What gets me thinking is your wording "sacrifices for a better future".

    This is a principle, which many in the West believe, we need to overcome to live a successful live. they want, they demand success without sacrifice - or shall I say "risk" or "investment"?

    We all had to lern painfully where this lead us to - almost in an Economic 3 World War and with mass destruction of wealth.

    Listening to immigrants the non-immigrants might re-discover some values and principles they need urgently to deal with the devils they created ( if by accident or not, is not relevant anylonger...). So let us listen and better our lives and ourselves.
  • Feb 27 2012: I think it would be interesting to:
    - imagine a future world with no real boundaries like in Europe. Would it be good? If yes, How could we achieve this and live in harmony?
    - look at the internet as a world with no boundaries, as a way to immigrate without having to physically travel. So how can we manage to bring the Internet in the most remote places?
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      Feb 27 2012: Hello Manue - this is quite an interesting twist of immigration: increase internet migration, so to speak, because we can not all migrate as a person, but as minds....

      What is your perspective on Faecbook then? is this alreay a digital immigration plattform? I mean of course Facebook never intended to be this, but still it might be used like this....
      • Feb 27 2012: Yes, Facebook is a fascinating new way to travel with our friends!! I travel a lot, and my friends discover new countries through our experiences. Also, I have some friends from all around the world on Facebook and when there is a major event, I get informed through them: Egyptian, tunisian, revolution, earthquakes, Thai flooding etc... We get to kind of experience the event from the inside.

        I think Ted is a great way to travel with your mind. I met this Chinese girl in the bus the other day, ( in china) and she was fan of Ted and we shared our favorite talks. I also met two amazing women on Ted, I kind of feel I know them and I like to read their comments and interact with them.

        I love the idea of the six sense that will create a great bond between the virtual world and reality.
        I will be able to project the video of my mum on my wall and feel as if we were having tea together. My kids will play with their cousins miles away as if they were just behind an Interactive glass window.
        Ok, we have Skype already and that is great. But six senses will be life changing for me, who have been an expat for almost 12 years. I will have plenty of visitors at home, without them having to get on a plane!

        The next step... An hologram of my friends taking tea with me!

        I have two nationalities, my husband has got two also, my kids were born abroad... we are lucky enough to live as if there where no boundaries. And we have been changing places every two years so far! We, today, are able to share and discuss ideas like never before! And this is clearly making some boundaries disappear. I clearly feel I am a global citizen. Immigration for me, almost sounds like going on another planet! ;)

        But I do believe your subject is great as long as it can stay wide open!