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Can we get "Unconditional Love" from people not related? (other than siblings, parents or wife)

I was wondering why dont we get unconditional love from people not related. Siblings or parents are in fact spiritually connected while friends and acquaintances will love you for ECONOMICAL or Conditional reasons even in the most advanced nations, why is that?? Or Is it sometimes the opposite?


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    Mar 5 2012: Dear Colleen,

    Your comment appeared while I am here. I am unable to understand why you felt that acceptance is a compromise !
    Do you mean the example I came up with is unethical ? Cold you kindly elaborate your point ? I was not all suggesting any compromise.

    Thank you.
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      Mar 5 2012: No...no....no.....CK...I do not see your example as unethical!

      Your example: "imagine a lady who has a habit of overspending whenever she goes for shopping, and later lying to her husband to hide the extra expense..... she may surprisingly find herself capable of accepting the habit of her husband lying about the exact number of drinks he has had. More and more acceptance will lead to more and more unconditional acceptance".

      It feels like compromise as well as acceptance...she accepts her behavior, which may help her to accept his behavior? Perhaps I misunderstood?

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