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Can we get "Unconditional Love" from people not related? (other than siblings, parents or wife)

I was wondering why dont we get unconditional love from people not related. Siblings or parents are in fact spiritually connected while friends and acquaintances will love you for ECONOMICAL or Conditional reasons even in the most advanced nations, why is that?? Or Is it sometimes the opposite?


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    Feb 26 2012: Your question caused me to think about people that give their lives for people they do not know. What would this be called? Altruism? Could this be a form of unconditional love? And what about the social workers and people that help others, those that genuinely care about a person's needs and well-being without giving one thought to the individual's history that brought them to the potentially adverse situation they are in (e.g. drug abuse, domestic violence, criminal wrong-doings)? Could this be considered unconditional love?

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