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What are 5 values you try to live by and appreciate finding in others?

Give your 5 values as a list [I love how Sarah Kay uses lists, I fell in love with listmaking to unblock creative block]

We are all guided by our values and beliefs, whether we conciously choose to
or not.

I come to TED because I feel this is a community who believes what I believe- as Simon Sinek would say (highly recommend his TEDx talk, "first why and then trust")

Being aware of what drives you is so very important to helping you live the most whole and balanced life you can.

A very valuable resource:

This will be well worth your time and all though you may know your values, it shows how you apply them in your life


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    Mar 25 2012: I think of 7 classic human virtues:
    - temperance (self control, self minded, can control his/her emotions)
    - courage (can face problems, look for alternatives, persistence, resilience)
    - prudence (calm, patience, think before act, listen to other people)
    - justice (fair, equal, balanced, honest)
    - love (friendship, kindness, charity, mercy, compassion)
    - hope (optimistic, creative, thinker, faith, believer)
    - humility (altruist, not arrogant, not rude, "open minded", able to self change and grow)

    these are cross-culture, cross-religion, world applicable just by adapting to local language. You've asked only 5, but I have a hard time cutting 2 of the above list, sorry!

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