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How can a country achieve educational reform, when the entire structure, system is faulty? where can one start?

can one achieve educational reform without a foundation?
educational reform in developing society
educational reform towards achieving employable graduates
teachers training reform
curriculum reform


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    Feb 25 2012: I think there's no simple solution to change a 'broken' system. Education is a core element in that change, for it's healthy education that empowers future generations to do great things. I think four changes need to be made simultaneously in order to ensure positive growth, and I don't think those changes will create a better society overnight, for the broken society taught us how to think and feel and those instincts take a long time to change.

    I think educational, political and economic reforms must come simultaneously, and they have to feed off each other.

    Social change is necessary too. A society isn't only shaped by it's government. It's shaped by the day-to-day behavior of people. Spreading messages and arguments for healthy behavior through media can contribute to this change. But the change will also come from hard interaction with people who have unhealthy social behavior. These interactions are challenging. You can't change everyone's mind. But you've got to open as many minds as you can.

    I have few solutions for you. I think someone who has a lot of wisdom to share with regards to social change is CJ Ortiz. He has a lot of videos on realistic, practical and healthy behavior in his video series "Metal Motivation". Don't let the name scare you off! He is incredibly wise:

    Political policy can help shape a healthy world if the system is open to the spread of healthy policy. I believe western politics is mostly an unhealthy system. I propose Tiered Democratic Governance. Here's the (unfortunately ended) conversation I begun on the topic:
    • Mar 3 2012: thanks Spencer, this is very interesting and the idea of social change is a great start. I am interested in reading about the tiered democratic governance and will do so asap. I will appreciate it if you can recommend any more reading on social change. I believe this is a vital area to focus on.

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