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How can a country achieve educational reform, when the entire structure, system is faulty? where can one start?

can one achieve educational reform without a foundation?
educational reform in developing society
educational reform towards achieving employable graduates
teachers training reform
curriculum reform


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    Feb 25 2012: the entire idea of an educational reform sounds frightening when it comes to a developing nation. there should be no country level system of education at all. there should be no curriculum. there should be local solutions optimized to local needs and local circumstances.

    country level education systems are useful nowhere. but in a rich country, you can sorta afford it. it is cumbersome, suboptimal and expensive. but people can afford to attend school for 20+ years, and pay a big load of money for it. however, in a poor country, it is imperative to have light weight, efficient, affordable education. the state should stop organizing it or interfering with it in any way.
    • Mar 3 2012: completely agree that country level education systems dont seem to be useful. that is the peoblem that the idea of educational reform sounds frightening, yet it is necessary in order to build a society that is most effective and efficient. When there is the political will and the desire for change, but ithe idea seems so large, no one seems to know where to start from and how to go about it, then what? I also believe that the need to also emphasise the need for vocational training and other such ways of developing skills is also necessary as the traditional curriculum does not suit everyone. Also working with the private sector can assist in shaping a curriculum that will mean graduates are employable and come out with skills required and assist in getting them employed.

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