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How can a country achieve educational reform, when the entire structure, system is faulty? where can one start?

can one achieve educational reform without a foundation?
educational reform in developing society
educational reform towards achieving employable graduates
teachers training reform
curriculum reform


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  • Feb 25 2012: Start by reading "The Six Secrets of Change" by Michael Fullan.( Jossey-Bass. CA. 2008). Thoroughly understand the concepts and adjust to your culture(s).

    Include "The Fourth Way" by Hargreaves and Shirley.

    Contact the Toyota Motor Corporation and ask for their help in adapting the Toyota Way to your teacher and administrator training and development and how to assess continual improvement. Failing that contact Jeff Liker at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA.

    Commit to a ten year or longer effort. Be willing to challenge tradition and experiment following the lead your children provide at every opportunity. Make sure the children have every opportunity to teach one another and those that follow them. Understand the world they come from since how an individual learns is as diverse as the stars in the universe.

    Be kind to yourself. And remember, to discover if the children are learning, ask a teacher.
    • Feb 25 2012: Good advice here. In addition, try to find a way to inspire curiosity. When children (and adults) are strongly curious, they will want to learn. Inspire respect and desire to know life, to broaden their views. Raise education to a new higher level of dignity and value. As others have said, adjust as best fits your local and national needs. Likely a lot of people will read your question and will think of how to help. Money is not the only answer, but desire for knowledge seems like the first important step to move ahead. People who want to better themselves are the ultimate leaders.

      And inspire service to one another; love for fellows.

      Ask for prayer if you need it, if you have a favored religion.

      The best decisions are those made after research, advice and careful thought.

      • Mar 3 2012: Great advice. Money really is not the issue nor problem. What and How and Who to do this appears to be a problem. What if everyone is talking about the need to change and the importance of education and its link to economic development, crime rate etc yet it seems there is a problem with knowing how to move forward because the systems need reformation and there is no proper structure in place?

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